After a number of proposals, the trustees and officers agreed that what is shown in the website accurately defines our alma mater and fittingly reflects our group as alumni.

The CARABAO HEAD depicts the agricultural platform and educational foundation of our alma mater from the time it was established up to the present.  The PEOPLE portray the alumni who persevered and the persistent educators responsible in producing respected individuals and professionals benefiting the society.  The BOOK signifies our Alma Mater’s dedication as center of educational excellence.  The ATOM symbolizes science and technological advances over time that our Alma Mater instilled in its educational system.  The SHIELD implies strength and solidarity amongst graduates. The TORCH signifies enlightenment through learning and by leadership. The LEAVES represent the four (4) High School eras – CHS, CNAS, CVIT and ISUC.  And, putting all the elements together, the LOGO describes the heritage, traditions, culture, beliefs and achievements that all alumni can relate and share.



Mr. Mark Evan Fernandez, ISU Science High School Batch 1995 created the ISUC-HSAAI Logo out of dedication and priceless service.  Mark is a full-time Professional Graphic Designer based in Manila.  His various clients include local companies and international corporations among which are in the U.S., Germany and Australia.