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 Over the years, the Isabela State University has been a pumping ground for innovative ideas and new development initiatives through its pool of experts, researchers, and scientists. The four academic stance in instruction, research and extension to improve quality of learning of students mostly from rural poor sector and addressing the plight of marginal farmers has strengthened our vision to be known as the University for People and Nature!

 As one of the safety nets to attain quality and relevant output in research, In-house Review in the campus has become an annual and major activity among researchers to share factual research findings, innovative ideas and learning experiences. Likewise, potential technologies generated from researches are identified for further testing, verification and commercialization. Indeed, results of monitoring and evaluation are indispensable to ensure cost effectiveness and foster complementation among technical and social science researchers.

 The Research and Development Department conducted the 2018 R&D Campus In-House Review for New Proposals last September 11, 2018. There was a total of 24 research papers presented for possible institutional funding for CY 2019 , 12 papers each for the the technical/technological and social research category. Deadline of submission for the revised proposal based on the comments and suggestions of the evaluators is on October 1, 2018 for review, consolidation and submission to the office of the Vice President for RDET.