DDCL welcomes DevCom freshmen


The Department of Development Communication and Languages (DDCL) faculty, headed by their dynamic and supportive Department Chair, Dr. Myrna C. Cureg, welcomed thirty-three (33) DevCom freshmen during the department’s Orientation Program, held last August 9, 2018 at the Lecture Room of the CDCAS building. This complements the Orientation Program of the campus, which was essentially a climate-setting activity for freshmen students. It was no ordinary moment as these DevCom freshmen are part of the first batch of graduates of DepEd’s K-12 curriculum. The orientation was especially held to orient the freshmen about the DevCom program, the department’s policies, other department-related matters, as well as to promote and facilitate the “buddy-system”, which is basically a support-system among DevCom students. The idea is, the seniors should be able to provide guidance and moral support to their younger brothers and sisters (the freshmen) in their academic journey. Dr. Cureg opened the program with her warm and inspiring welcome message, followed by her introduction of the strong and seasoned faculty of the department, who also hold key designations in the college. She likewise boasted about the DDCL faculty, who are graduates of prestigious educational institutions. Prof. Ann S. Dadivas, Station Manager of DWSA, the school’s community radio, introduced the BSDC Program. In her message, she underscored the program’s raison d’etre while also noting how the program has grown through the years, and how it has achieved its current status. In this light, Prof. Dadivas said that the DevCom program did not happen by accident. Prof. Henedina P. Ponce, College Extension Coordinator, discussed the Job Opportunities for BSDC graduates. She especially highlighted the BSDC alumni who now hold key positions in government and non-government organizations and likewise acknowledged that she, herself, is a BSDC alumnus. Along this thought, Prof. Ponce noted that besides the opportunities she mentioned, DevCom graduates can become Professors, as well (like her). Prof. Antonia M. Bagunu, College Research Coordinator, explained the CDCAS and DDCL Policies while posing the challenge to the students to abide by the policies if they want to stay in Devcom. Selected DevCom freshmen and one senior conveyed their impressions to the group. The messages of Justin Bareno and Ghener Castro evoked reactions, especially from the students. A number of students also rendered special intermission numbers, which were applauded by the group. Interactive games were likewise conducted during the program to facilitate the getting-to-know process in the department. The games were a bit lengthy but these enhanced the group’s familiarity and camaraderie. The aforementioned games were led by senior DevCom students. Dr. Ma. Theresa R. Aggabao, Program Chair, MS DevCom, closed the program with her enlightening and motherly pieces of advice to the freshmen. The orientation program’s Master of Ceremonies was this writer, Jennifer G. Valencia, who is also a DDCL faculty. -###-

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