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DDCL welcomes DevCom freshmen

  The Department of Development Communication and Languages (DDCL) faculty, headed by their dynamic and supportive Department Chair, Dr. Myrna C. Cureg, welcomed thirty-three (33) DevCom freshmen during the department’s Orientation Program, held last August 9, 2018 at the Lecture Room of the CDCAS building. This complements the Orientation Program […]


What’s New in CDCAS

  The College of Development Communication and Arts & Sciences (CDCAS) is composed of five (5) departments namely: Department of Development Communication and Languages (DDCL), Department of Natural and Applied Sciences (DNAS), Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), Department of Social Sciences (DSS) and the Department of Criminal Justice […]


The Epochal Existence of CCJE

  The Department of Criminal Justice Education, adhering to the Isabela State University Philosophy recognizes the significant role in enriching relevant and responsive pedagogy in the field of Criminology. The Department of Criminal Justice Education became prominent in its respective field in providing quality instruction and effective trainings and seminars […]

Research Projects


  As a University, ISU is mandated to generate scientific knowledge and innovations which are the driving force for economic growth and development especially for our home province of Isabela. It is therefore expected for ISU to lead in the generation of discipline-based, policy-oriented, demand-driven and innovative knowledge and technologies […]



Minutes of the first regular campus administrative council meeting held on january 04, 2019 held at the bulwagan ng sierra madre, environmental information center