What’s New in CDCAS


The College of Development Communication and Arts & Sciences (CDCAS) is composed of five (5) departments namely: Department of Development Communication and Languages (DDCL), Department of Natural and Applied Sciences (DNAS), Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), Department of Social Sciences (DSS) and the Department of Criminal Justice Education (DCJE). The CDCAS has actively participated in the several activities in the campus, joined different seminar-workshops and presented paper in the local and international presentations for the past previous years. Being the largest college and having the highest population in the campus, the CDCAS has been unbeatable in any campus sports activities. The college under the leadership of Dr. Jane G. Cabauatan, CDCAS dean, has been consistent as Top 1 in submitting reports required by the campus management, according to the Office of the Director for Academic and Related Affairs (ARA). In order to develop the students’ skills on entrepreneurial and community organizing, the college had sent qualified CDCAS students to Singapore as part of their learning experience. Other students were also sent to attend Water Course training for free and there were lucky senior students who enjoyed thesis grants sponsored by the Mabuwaya Foundation. As for faculty development, the college has sent 15 faculty members to different trainings, seminars and workshop in order to upgrade and enhance their teaching skills and capabilities. There were nine (9) faculty members from the ICT who attended annual conferences, training and workshop on curriculum planning, curriculum revision, managing ICT services and information technology such as Robotics, CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate) and others. On the other hand, there were three (3) faculty members from DNAS who attended trainings, conference and workshops on Environmental Management and Communicating Statistics through Infographics. As for the DCJE, three (3) faculty members were sent to participate in seminar-workshop of the Council of Deans and Educators in Criminal Justice Education and Security Management. The training on Qualitative Research methods in Social Sciences and Philosophy was attended by one faculty of the DSS and another faculty from the DDCL, sponsored by ISELCO, attended a training on “Policy Formulation and Clear Writing workshop” held in Baguio City. The college continuously sends faculty members for professional growth to support the delivery of quality education. In support of the campus mandate on research and extension, the college conducted an Echo-seminar Cum Writeshop on Research and Extension Evaluation Proposals on Feb. 8-9, 2018 held at the Environment Information Center (EIC) participated in by 35 CDCAS faculty members. During echo-seminar, the CDCAS faculty members were able to echo, share and discuss important topics learned from the seminars and trainings attended in 2017. As part of the activity, the two-day echo seminar was culminated with writing of proposals for research and extension. The output was presented to the college committee for critiquing and evaluation. To mark the “Women’s Month” , the CDCAS, spearheaded by the DSS, held a seminar on Gender Sensitivity and Awareness Generation in Delfin Albano, Isabela last March 8-9, 2018. The celebration for the “Women’s Month” was held on March 21, 2018 at the Andaya Multi-purpose hall, graced by Mrs. Marilou F. Malabug of CHED R02. This year, the college had celebrated its 18th Founding Anniversary last April 25-26, 2018 with the theme: “Commitment, Dedication, Character towards Academic Success (CDCAS)”. The two-day celebration was consisted of a motorcade, putting up of booths by the different departments of the college and various contested activities participated in by the students of the college. As a result, the DDCL emerged as the over-all champion in the different student competitions. In connection of the new programs offered, the DCJE had also conducted a Stakeholders’ Meeting last May 9, 2018 to present the proposed revised curriculum of the BSLEA and BS Industrial Security Management programs attended and participated in by the different LGU officials and stakeholders from the industry. For more expansion of the college academic programs, the CDCAS had proposed other new programs in the college; BS Physics, BS Psychology, BS Chemistry, BS Mathematics with majors and BA Communication. These new programs will be offered effective academic year 2019-2020. For this academic year 2017-2018, the college had produced 317 graduates, broken down as follows; 39, AB Sociology; 42, BSLEA; 91, BSCrim; 22, BSBio; 30 BSDevCom; 58 BSIT; 22, BS CompScie and 13 from the BS in Computer Engineering. The college had also produced one (1) Cum Laude graduate. As of press time, the college has started accepting its incoming college freshmen who wished to enroll in the different programs of the college. The DCJE has already accepted the biggest number of enlisted enrollees for the BS in Criminology and BS in LEA programs. With the new curriculum for the K-12 programs, many faculty members of the college were requested to report this summer to prepare the syllabus and other instructional materials in preparation for the opening of classes in August 2018.

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